• What is TrafficHunt?

    Traffichunt handles display advertising for some of the biggest sites on the internet. We use a RTB platform to bring traffic to our advertisers and offer Publishers the ability to monetize their traffic efficiently.

  • What are Traffichunt's traffic sources?

    Our publisher network consists of some of the biggest web and mobile sites available today. Please checkout our marketplace.

  • How do I register on TrafficHunt?

    Registration is simple. Click to sign up as publisher or advertiser. Of course, you need to comply with our terms of use.


  • How does Traffichunt work?

    Traffichunt utilizes an advertising platform that allows you to take advantage of an advanced CPM bidding system. You select the sites to run ad placements and then bid for traffic. The larger the bid, the higher percentage of traffic you will get.

  • How are campaigns managed?

    Traffichunt provides a self-serve ad buying platform, allowing you to create, manage and optimize all of your campaigns. Advanced user tools and real time statistics give advertisers full control over their campaigns.

  • How can I get banners / creatives made?

    You can create your own banners or get them from 3rd party affiliate networks. You can create landing pages using AdsBridge here.

  • Can I target by location and time?

    Geo targeting is available for country. You can also run campaigns during certain time period to better target your market.


  • How much does advertising cost?

    With a CPM based RTB model, advertising price is determined by the current price of the percentage of traffic you have bid on. Your ad will stop displaying when your daily campaign budget has been used up or when you decide to pause the campaign, or if your pre-paid funds of been fully spent.